TinyOwl Lays Off 112 Employees, Total Workforce Will Drop To 650


TinyOwl Lays Off 112 Employees, Total Workforce Will Drop To 650

TinyOwl lays off 112 employees as a part of its restructuring intended to cut costs. This is the second round of layoffs after the company recently cut 200 jobs in September.

Chief Executive, Harshvardhan Mandad told ET that the latest layoffs will largely be in sales teams at Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune.

The company will have an employee count of 650, once the layoffs are formally completed—a big drop from the original 1,000 employees it had earlier this year.

“It was a tough decision; going forward, our operations will have to be more tech-oriented because margins are thin in the food business as compared to other online marketplaces,” said Mandad.

The company also added that it is currently testing a new operational structure in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Processing of orders, and delivery operations will be ‘more automated’, it said.


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  1. Mrinal Krant

    They said, if you are failing to sustain, fail fast! That’s not unusual of a start up! Question is not the two waves of layoffs in quick successions and employee count dropping from 1000 to 650. What remains the question is, how long will these 650 wait to hear about their lay-offs?
    Is it just the beginning of ‘peaceful-demise’ of some hyped and copy cat start ups in India?

  2. Well this does not sounds good. If the great startup like tiny Owl cannot sustain his employees. It will create psychological setback to other startups as well in fear of cross cutting costs.


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