Ever wondered::
> At a time when every other heroine is shedding clothes, why Malika Sherawat alone has been able to garner such a huge media coverage while others not?

> Why few undeserving MS writers have become star writers (while a lot better callibre have not made it to the list?)

> Why few serials (like Jassi jaise koi nahin!!) are able to create that big presence, while others are faring just-okay..!!

>Why few average movies attract massive audience@box office, while better ones just turn up average!!

And you always thought that its the ’susbstance’ that matters??

Well, you are right to an extent, but IT NEEDS more than the ’substance’ to create that EPIDEMIC which touches everybody!!

And this is what Malcolm Gladwell explains in Tipping Point!!.
The fact that Gladwell, himself being fairly unknown novelist and ends up a MEGA STAR (after the book release) very well proves that his ideas aren’t just textbook theories – but are a validated phenomena.

That anybody can create an epidemic!! You just need to understand what goes behind an epidemic.

In this book, Gladwell has explained how little things make a huge difference (an idea that is counterintuitive to most of us!)

We all expect social changes to occur slowly and gradually, but epidemics occur suddenly and quickly. And spreads like a virus, like an epidemic, like a house on fire..!!

But how does one start this sort of social epidemic? — This is what Gladwell’s tipping-point theory (derived from psychology, sociology and epidemiology) is all about:

Stickiness Factor: Its all about the right message!!..Remember Coke’s thanda matlab coca cola ad? Pepsi’s Oye Bubbly?

Law of the Few: Epidemic needs Connectors (socials who know almost everyone!!, who are at the centre of friend’s list and hence are a big influence on our lives, our choice of restaurants, pubs and movies..!), Mavens (specialists, knowledgables ones) and salesman

Power of Context: One needs to create those small movements which can support the bigger epidemics.

Gladwell uses several case studies to explain how an epidemic can be reversed, can be tipped, by tinkering with the smallest details of the environment.

This is a must book for marketers, business leaders, for each one of us who is out there to make a big splash!!

Let it TiP!!