A Look at TImes Internet’s TLabs’ Fourth Batch Startups [9 Startups, 4 Cities]

TLabs, a startup accelerator by Times Internet Ltd, has announced its fourth batch of startups.

Noida based two year old accelerator has selected nine startups for its fall 2013 batch. Selected startups include; JiffStore, Vozeal, News in Shorts, Labforth, BetaGlide, Sponsored Giveaways, GetMeAShop, VindowShop.tlabs

Healthcare, media and retail were some of the prominent domains in which the selected startups are working. Out of the selected ones, four companies are from Delhi, three from Bangalore, one from Hyderabad and one from Kharagpur. The accelerator program which was run for three months earlier now has been extended to four months.

Abhishek Gupta, Head TLabs says, initially we used to focus on technology and product front. Now, we advise startups more on distribution and online marketing along with sales.

Including this latest batch, TLabs has 23 portfolios in total. Out of these two have successfully raised funding from institutional investors, four to five has raised money from angels and few other are in advanced talks with the investors.

A quick look at the selected startups:

Its a cloud based platform for mobile application developers and testers which enables them to test the apps in a real time environment.  Application can be tested using real devices among actual users. Read More

The mobile commerce startup helps supermarkets to sell groceries online, thus giving consumers the facility to shop on the move and helping grocery chains to leverage the power of mobile and ecommerce.

Its a platform for video advertisers and publishers. Brands can increase their reach through a network of publishers which helps in increasing page views. On the other hand publishers can monetize through an additional channel.

News in Shorts
Abbreviated as NIS, the startup aggregated and summarizes news in 60 words. Present on mobile and web it provides snippets of popular stories flowing across internet to give users a shorter version for being updated on the go.

Its a solution for laboratory management and marketing. A cloud based system provides end to end lab and personal management.

The company helps online publishers and digital content providers an additional payment method through telecom operator billing.

Sponsored Giveaways
Its a platform connecting advertisers and bloggers. Brands give non-cash prizes to users of the blogs, hence increasing user engagement on the blog and brand image.

On the lines of Zepo, the startups helps online businesses create virtual presence through ecommerce stores while supporting them on back end for marketing tools such as ERP and CRM.

Users can simply click on pictures of apparels shared online, and startups image recognition platform helps users to search and buy those clicked apparels.

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