A Look at TLabs’ Third Batch Startups : Happay, GradeStack and more

Tlabs, a Times Internet Ltd. group accelerator, has launched the third batch of startups adding a more variety to their existing lineup of technopreneurs. The startups are already building their products, doing customer validation, refining strategies and preparing for launch. Here are the list of startups in this new batch.
This new service helps its users pay anyone by just using their phone number in a few clicks using their mobile wallet. The service intends to make payments simpler, faster and secure for its users. With the service user can also recharge their phone, pay bills, shop at Happay Store (in-app shop), track their personal and group expenses, split and settle bills, store loyalty cards and even request payment from friends. Pay Happay a visit.

GradeStack aims to deliver a faster and interactive learning experience on mobile devices. Currently the service only offers ‘JAVA interview questions’. In the future they plan to add more course material like GRE/GMAT world lists, Entrepreneur essentials and many more. The service can be accessed through their native apps for Android and iOS devices. For the content parth thee company  has partnered with content experts. The service intends to deliver interactive, adaptive and collaborative learning experience. Visit GradeStack here.

This is a web and mobile based app that helps you discover delicious and nutritious homemade dishes. The service intends to form a community marketplace for regular users(housewives, hobbyists, professional cooks) and help them showcase their culinary skills to earn extra income. The service will also act as a social platform by helping the users make new friends and interact with each other. Visit Langhar here.

This is a geography based marketing platform  that intends to give local retailers an online presence and help them to advertise their business in their region.  As far as consumer go, this platform will act as a single portal to check for offers relevant to their needs within their region. The USP of the site is See Offers >> Go Shopping >> Save Money. Offermandi wants to makes two business niches i.e. Offline and Online compete with each other thus making the product cheaper for users. Visit Offermandi here.

Oogwave is a platform to facilitate collaboration, creativity, agility, spontaneity and teamwork by bringing together your people, information, content and processes, across groups and geographies, which you can control. Their main idea is to help business work faster, easier and better. The service encourages users to shift away from using email as the main channel of sharing, discussion and  collaboration within a company. Oogwave allows the whole company to move together in alignment with company’s vision and culture. The service is free and available computers, mobiles and tablets. Give Oggwave a try.

PrepSquare is a self-assessment tool for competitive exam test-takers. The service intends to bring analytics and good content to students who are focussed on last-minute revisions. The service will bring teachers online and connect them directly with students thereby helping monetize their skill and keep coaching institutes out of the equation. For students the service will provides a product geared to help them make the most of the last 30-60 days of their prep. Students can personalize their content to make the most of their pre. Visit Prepsquare here.

iExperience is an e-retail platform aimed at your weekend and vacation needs. The service wants to cater to crowds who want to do away with the regular weekends at mall or vacations spend doing the usual. They intend to achieve this by offering great getaways selected based on great customer experience and strong vendor backend. Visit iExperience here.

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