To Curb the City’s Smog Problem, Beijing Creates A New Environmental Police Force

A new police force will crack down on environmental offenders in Beijing, city officials announced Saturday, marking the Chinese government’s latest attempt to reduce smog… Other measures included cutting coal use by 30 percent in 2017, shutting down 500 higher-polluting factories and upgrading 2,500 others, phasing out 300,000 higher-polluting older vehicles, and supplying cleaner gas and diesel at fuel stations starting February 15. The announcement came one day after municipal authorities in Beijing announced they would install air purifiers in the city’s schools and kindergartens.

The city’s mayor blames the smoke from trash burning and open-air barbecues and even dust from roads as “the result of lax supervision and weak law enforcement.”
We in India, should have an environmental police force too, what do you think?

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