TOI’s New Policy : Journos Need To Market Content On WhatsApp Groups Else..Face Reduced Variable Pay

After getting new IDs and tweeting on a mandate, Times of India’s journalists now have new policies to worry about. The journalists’ paychecks will now be based on the parameters set in the new policy. Failing to comply with any of these rules will result in journalists getting a reduced target variable pay (TVP).

The new included parameters are:

  • All Journalists should join specialized Whatsapp groups and create three Whatsapp alerts every week- This will carry 25% weightage
  • Should at least tweet three times in a working day- This will carry 25% weightage
  • Should publish three “online-first” stories- This will carry 25% weightage
  • Every story should have minimum of one comment story and the author has to respond-This carries 5% weightage.
  • Published Articles will be computed- Error score will carry 10% weightage.
  • Online contribution- This will carry 80% weightage
  • ET View-This will carry 10% weightage
  • Reporters who fail to achieve less than 25% during the year will get no TVP or increment or promotion [Via: Medianama report].

The publication will now entirely focus on its online edition and expects better coordination from its online team. Breaking news alerts will be sent to the online team which will be used for breaking news tickers (on TV), app notifications, tweets and finally reach out to a bigger audience.

The ones who join the TOI desk will have to sign a contract with the new policy. Also, if an edition scores between 0-9.9 points (out of 30 points) in the year, as per the LPRS formula, 50% will be deducted from TVP calculated basis the above parameters.


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