Tom Tom Launches A Range Of GPS Sports Watches In India

The market for fitness tracking wearables is growing rapidly, thanks to the data driven lifestyles many people are choosing these days.
TomTom Runner GPS Watch
Another entrant into the Indian fitness tracking market is Tom Tom, which has released a range of GPS sport watches for athletes and fitness freaks. The devices can deliver information such as time, distance, heart rate, pace, speed and calories burnt for physical activities such as running, swimming and cycling.
The on-board GPS module will allow users to track distance travelled while on a run, without needing to carry a secondary devices such as a smartphone. The heart-rate monitor on the other hand is always-on, unlike the ones we’ve seen on several smartwatches and fitness bands.
While the Tom Tom devices feature displays, they’re not what you’d call smartwatches. The display is primarily there to show activity data, and there’s no way to integrate the device with a smartphone for basic notifications. Using Bluetooth however, users will be able to view this data on multiple platforms such as TomTom MySports website, MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, TrainingPeaks and Strava.
The starting price of the activity tracker is Rs 12,999, while the top of the line variant with all the bells and whistles cost Rs 23,999. The devices will be sold exclusively via e-retailer Flipkart in India.

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