TomTom Expands India Map Coverage, Now Covers Over 7,200+ Cities & Towns

TomTom in its latest update takes the total number of towns and cities covered by the service to over 7200 cities and towns across India

TomTom covers 7200 indian townsDutch navigation service provider TomTom has updated its maps with various features including software enhancement and up gradation to its MyTomTom application for faster map downloads.

The update takes the total number of towns and cities covered by the service to over 7200 cities and towns across India. Last year, TomTom had improved its service to over 5500 cities and town.

The latest update incorporates all key navigation logic including points of interest (POI) stepper, advanced lane guidance with split screen, modified address search functionality, device boot up during ignition on, improved zoom in/out, interface changes, improved display with font size & line result display changes. This would be one of the biggest updates to the TomTom service.

TomTom, had entered the Indian market in October 2011, and TomTom personal navigation devices are available in India, online and at retail stores like Reliance AutoZone/Digital and Carnation at the starting price of  of Rs. 15,000. Upgrading these maps is free and you can download four or more full updates of the map on your device every year.

Customers who already have a TomTom Portable Navigation Device, must connect to an Internet-enabled computer to update the maps.

The key updates according to TomTom are

  • Stepper Points of Interest (POI): Enable move to next POI within same search. POI addresses are viewable under “show Info”
  • Landmark navigation with new dart icon
  • Advanced Lane Guidance (ALG) with split screen
  • Device Auto Switch On during Car ignition
  • Font size increase for better viewing

An interesting fact is that Apple Maps is powered by TomTom data but the experience on it is still terrible. If and when Apple does decide to include more information in its maps is something we will just have to wait and see.

MapmyIndia To Offer GPS Solution On Tata Vista D90

In a related development, MapmyIndia has tied up with with Tata Motors to offer in-dash GPS navigation system in the Tata Vista D90. This will be a standard feature in the Tata Vista D90 ZX+ model and car owners do not have to pay anything extra to avail this service.

MapmyIndia v8.0 Maps will be available in the car which covers 10.33 million places, 1.9 million road kilometers, 600,000 villages, 4,787 cities at street-level, 50 cities at house-level, 46 cities in full 3D driving directions to 30,000 tourist locations, among others.

MapmyIndia already has partnerships with car makers like BMW, Jaguar-Land Rover, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Renault, Mitsubishi, GM, Ford, Tata, Mahindra and Maruti. These carmakers already have car makers have already introduced specific models with the map features.

While services like TomTom and MapmyIndia offer premium maps along with standalone devices, the key question is there a big enough market out there for these devices considering that one can get comparable services like Google Maps and Nokia Here maps for free on smart devices that one carries around all the time. The Indian navigation service market is expected to touch $158 million by 2014.

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