ToneTag Introduces Payments Through Feature Phones


ToneTag, a sound-based proximity payments solutions provider, has introduced mobile payments through feature phones that enables anyone with a regular phone to make cashless payments without having to download an app or without internet.

To make a payment, the user needs to call an IVR number (180030101887) to register and can then proceed to the payments stage. The phone must be brought close to the merchant’s ToneTag-enabled phone or any computing device that is enabled to accept payments.The merchant transmits the billed amount and the transaction details by sending an audio signal or `tone tag’, which is captured on the IVR server.

“I think ToneTag sound-based technology will enable consumers in small towns to go cashless with minimal digital literacy. This will also be a boon in rural India where there is a huge need for accessible and easy to use digital payments to replace cash usage,” Digital India Foundation Co-Founder Arvind Gupta said.

ToneTag uses audio signals or “tone-tags” for data exchange between devices. Payment instructions are transmitted using a sound signal, through a traditional phone line, without any additional hardware or software requirement or dependency.

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