Heeduser Brings You a Kickass Tool to Create, Manage and Engage Your Brand Community

Managing a brand online can be a mess. Customers want to talk to you all the time. They could have questions, suggestions, a complaint or even a complement. Heeduser, a new tool helps you manage it with ease. The tool helps you set up a community page in less than a minute. You can then have your customers talk to you at the page. At the back end, it allows you to manage customer interactions as well! Heeduser Community Wall

On signing up, you get a 30 day free trial. A community page is created for you on the site. The page is like a Facebook wall where all your user comments and feedback appears. You can share this link directly with users who wish to engage with your brand. Your customers can post questions, suggestions, report problems and pay a compliment among other things. At the back end, a community manager can prioritize customer interaction. This is handy especially when dealing with complaints.

The other way to engage with the customer is to generate a widget which can be embedded on your site and get users to talk to your brand through the widget. The widget, sits neatly on the right center of your website (see picture below). Users who want to leave some feedback for you will have to click on the button. If the user has blocked scripts on the browser, the feedback widget wont show up.Heeduser 1

On clicking the button, an interface pops up where a user can key in your feedback. A visitor can create a topic in different categories such as Question, Suggestion, Problem, Compliment & Other and type in details and post a comment using his credentials. The comment appears your community page where you can deal with it!


Heeduser is priced at $20 a month.