TOOLER : The Wash.Fold.Dry Service For Delhi

TOOLER gets closer to be 'Washio' of Delhi with its hot selling Laundry Services.

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  1. Nikhil

    #Tooler is a scam for everyone’s information and attention. For poor and easy-going customers like us, they are whitecollar goons committing crimes in daylight. To all customers, what will you do if you lose expensive clothes for such petty discounts, right, nothing. You will repent for the day you chose #TOOLER. Like i do till this day. Imagin losing your cloth when you wanted to wear them. then, a circus and drama to track it and then, bullying and harassment into accepting what #TOOLER finds it reasonable. So, all customers, imagine losing your expensive clothes worth 4k-5k, what you get is 100rs. Yea, that is what you get afterall you got discounts to get a laundry wash. it is an earnest request to avoid this #TOOLER. It feels a lot of pain to lose your clothes when you could have wore them and you had spent time to get it. Such frauds like #TOOLER must be stopped and brought to justice for playing with people’s money and emotions..

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