Top Reasons to NOT Launch Your Startup @UnPluggd


Top Reasons to NOT Launch Your Startup @UnPluggd

The nomination deadline for UnPluggd demo slot is today, May 27th and we thought we will share a few reasons why you should not launch @UnPluggd.Unpluggd-Banner-Nomination-300x250

So if none of the following apply – don’t even think about it.

#1 : You do NOT need traffic /attention to your website/product.

Baati Mittal of AirGol that demoed at UnPluggd mentions the following:

“We started attending a bunch of startup events happening in India after launching AirGol, with primary objective of gaining feedback, access to early adopters and customers, and networking with industry.

After attending UnPluggd, we can easily say that this is by far the most amazing event that happens in India! 

Not only did we get inspired/motivated 100x more after demoing, we got some valuable access to people/companies which is going to stay with us for life long.

Within a day after demoing at UnPluggd, we got some completely unexpected attention from lot of important people in the industry, as if the whole world was just waiting for you to happen [Baati Mittal, Deepak Kiran, AirGol]”

Gandharv, founder of Lumos tells us that “..our website hits the next day were 20X of what we get on an average day.”.

Of course, you should not think of UnPluggd if traffic/attention doesn’t mean much to you!

#2 : You do not need funding

Arivu which launched at UnPluggd raised angel round after launching at UnPluggd. Here is what they have to say:

“It was a tremendous experience demoing Arivu, our flagship product, at Unpluggd. Needless to say, our demo at the event got us a chance to pitch the company to all the marquee investors in India and helped us raise a round of angel funding from a serial entrepreneur and seasoned angel investor. What surprised us the most was the  popularity that NextBigWhat enjoyed even among our potential customers.

Kookoo’s Chaitanya tells us that “UnPluggd got us the right platform to showcase the product. After Unpluggd, KooKoo got good traction from the users as well caught the eyes of investors.”

Girish (founder of Freshdesk) also mentions that the event generated a lot of investor interest in Freshdesk, post the demo.

“However, fwiw, you’d definitely become a “known” entity for all Angels/VC’s attending the event. Ashish and team at UnPluggd do a great job of having such people in attendance. Which means you get a golden chance to make an awesome pitch. [Avlesh, WebEngage founder]

UnPluggd opens up new doors for startups.

#3 : You don’t need Visibility/Business Opportunities

“As a demoing company, our objective was to get visibility and potential business opportunities. We have got both in this forum. We have had interest from folks/companies that haven’t attended UnPluggd, yet writing to us about their interest in our products. We also have had interest from investors. [Arvind Pani, Reverie Founder]

At uniRow, we saw 600% growth in traffic after UnPluggd and great interests from potential partners. Some of our early partners came to know about us because of UnPluggd. Interactions with experienced entrepreneurs during the event helped us establish a deeper connect with domain experts who later helped in fine tuning our business. If you are an early stage company looking to raise funds, an UnPluggd demo is a sure shot way to get the right attention. ” [Nimit, UniRow Founder]

What’s the big deal?

Inspite of all of this, if you still want to launch your startup @UnPluggd, do share your details (in the form towards the end of the post). The deadline is today and the form won’t be accessible post today evening (good read : How we chose 10 startups @UnPluggd)

UnPluggd Details

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Venue: MLR Convention Center, Brigade Millennium Campus, 7th Phase J.P.Nagar, Bangalore – 560 0

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