Top 5 Reasons Why You Get Unfollowed On Twitter; Get Cracking but Stop Cribbing


Top 5 Reasons Why You Get Unfollowed On Twitter; Get Cracking but Stop Cribbing

We all know the power of social media and how a right message for the right people can make the right impact, especially on Twitter. Every once in a while, we see lots of people unfollowing us. Leaving us to wonder if it was something we did. The folks at JustUnfollow have done us all a giant favour by telling us why your followers might desert you. Here’s how.

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Reason 1: Twitter is not a complaint box

Stop Annoying your followers by complaining all the time. Constant complaining about life and other things, or just being negative most of the time is seen as a major reason for people loosing followers. Most people tend to use their Twitter feed as a place to crib and complain, without realising that complainers are not very liked. You don not want to be filling someones feed with your whining all the time.

Reason 2: Don’t try and Tweet so much as to spam someones feed

Nobody likes to see their feed filled with constant tweets from the same person. Try and Tweet/Re-Tweet only interesting or relevant things. Don’t do it just for the sake of doing it or to spam. Spammers aren’t welcome on Twitter. Clog someones feed, and you have just lost a follower.

Reason 3: Don’t be dormant on Twitter

People follow you because of the interesting stuff you share or Tweet. Stay active on Twitter, don’t just be on Twitter for the sake of being there. If you want followers then Tweet, Nobody wants an inactive person on their list.

Reason 4: Nobody wants to talk to a wall

Engage and interact with your followers or others replying to your tweets. Engaging other in interesting conversations makes you interesting enough to be followed. People like to converse and not talk to a dead person. Interesting conversations are what will you gain followers, being silent will help you lose followers.

Reason 5: Twitter is for Tweeting and Not just Re-Tweeting

Don’t constantly RT crap just to stay active. if you have something to add to a RT, it always helps. Do not RT for the sake of it, in that case being silent is the better option. You do not want to be seen as a RT bot on Twitter.

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