Mobile Life: Top Camera Apps for Windows Phone 8

Last week, we took a look at the top utility apps for Windows Phone 8. One of the most used features these days on smartphones is the camera and most people keep that in mind when they purchase a phone. Apart from all the megapixel hype, other factors like sensors come in to play to determine the quality of a picture. But no matter what camera your Windows Phone 8 comes with, there are a number of apps in the Windows Phone Store which will help you enhance and make your pictures look better.



 Camera360, the popular app on iOS and Android, has a Windows Phone version with almost all the features of its counterpart apps on other platforms. It has various shooting themes like auto, portrait, scenery, food, night, microspur with various effects which one can see in real time. It also allows you to share to websites and social networks easily.

Download Camera360 (free)



One of the most requested apps on Windows Phone 8 is Instagram. Unfortunately the developers have still not released an app on the platform. While there are a number of app which try to replicate the functionality, Itsdagram is probably the best one at present. Users can view, like comment and upload pictures to Instagram with this app. The app lets users see what photos they were tagged in, but it doesn’t let users tag their friends in photos they take. Though the app has filters they are different from those of the official Instagram client. New filters get added automatically without updating the app. The free version of the app is ad-supported.

Download Itsdagram ($1.49), Itsdagram (free)

Thumba Photo Editor


Thumba Photo Editor one of the most complete photo editors for Windows Phones. It has over 70 adjustments and effects. With the app, one can crop, resize, rotate, change the aspect ratio of photos, add watermarks, adjust brightness/contrast, sharpen, apply a 3D filter, apply color filters and map photos based on GPS data in a EXIF file. There is also a before/after button, which lets you review the image before you have applied the edits.

Download Thumba Photo Editor  ($.99)

Sketch Camera


Sketch Camera is a Windows Phone that allows you to apply around a dozen sketch styled effects to your photos. One can capture and apply the effects to new photos directly from Sketch Camera or pull up existing photos from your Pictures Hub and apply the effects. The effects include sketch, pencil drawing, bathroom reflections,  life on mars, parchment, alien skin, chalk, wall sprayer, oil paint, over the foil and more. We really liked the detail in the pictures we filtered in this app.

Download Sketch Camera ($1.49)



This app is built by Microsoft, and even though it was present on iOS for a long time, took forever to appear on for Windows Phone. It is a 360 degree panorama app that can capture and share interactive panoramas of places, people, and events. These Photosynths once created can be share as an interactive panoramic experience on Facebook and Twitter using the service.

 Download Photosynth (free)

Exclusive Camera Apps for Nokia Lumia


If you are lucky enough to have a Lumia phone, Nokia has incorporated a number of apps which make your photography experience a lot better. This and the whole Here map integration makes the Lumia phones the best Windows Phone 8 to buy. Some of the special apps on the Nokia Lumia are:

 Creative Studio which allows one to apply effects and filters to new photos and existing photos from your Pictures Hub. Users can also apply special effects as they capture photos. There are also basic editing adjustments such as crop, rotate, contrast, sharpness, etc. The panorama feature in Creative studio allows users to stitch four images together to create a single panorama image.

 Panoroma allows users to take panorama shots effortlessly. The results using this app were quite good compared to other third-party apps.

 Smart Shoot: This app surprised us with being functional on the high end Lumia 920 or even the mid budget 620. This app allows users to take multiple pictures (5) and choose the best one from the lot. You can also remove unwanted objects easily.

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