Games, Social are the top 2 categories in App stores [Independent games are most popular apps]

Android and iOS have definitely taken portable gaming to a whole new level, some of the games are so engaging that they make some brilliant games on portable gaming devices seem like a drag. This is not to take credit away from app developers as they continuously strive to bring better more engaging games and apps to consumers. The key here has been low entry barriers and that has driven the mobile app market growth so much so that the revenues generated by iOS and Android games is already set to get ahead of any portable platform gaming revenue.

Here’s some interesting facts from the report:


Games are the hottest apps when it comes to end users and one in every two app sessions is a game. Social networking apps are a distant second.



The rise of mobile gaming has been quite dramatic, Flurry counted the number of game sessions in Q1 of 2010 as a benchmark of 1 and compared the result with the same quarter year on year. The numbers from the first two months on 2012 alone have predicted a growth of over 20 times in gaming sessions since Q1 2010.


Further Flurry compares the share of independent game companies that started development with iOS and Android versus the share of gaming companies that extended their games to iOS and Android by Worldwide sessions.

– In Q1 of 2010 60% of all mobile game sessions were from games developed by independent game developers.
– The share of independent game developers dropped in Q1 2011 following consolidation by established games companies that acquired independent game developers eg EA acquiring Chillingo, Zynga acquiring Newtoy, DeNA acquiring Ngmoco and Gameview, etc.

The new year has seen a new wave of indie game developers that have risen to claim more eyeballs in their games than traditional gaming houses, this time with 68% of the share of gaming sessions in Q1 2012 attributed to indie developed games.

Games have always been the most popular apps for phones and indie developers were expected to do well in the initial phases of both platforms (iOS and Android), with most analysts predicting that existing companies would regain share of the market but this has not happened. In fact the whole nature of the App Store for iOS and Android Market ( now Google Play) that provide much needed visibility to indie developers has been the key to success of independent development houses. To put it simply an indie game developer does not have to incur the cost of marketing a product extensively to gain visibility with existing users along with the ease of use of app stores has been the key to indie game developers’ success.

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