Top Confusions in Digital Media

While covering the Minglebox’s new strategy, I checked their traffic ranking in Alexa and Comscore and here is the contrast:

As per Comscore, Minglebox’s traffic (UU/PV/Avg. Visitor) seems to beat Facebook’s India traffic – but Alexa throws a completely different view!

Who do you trust? Alexa or Comscore?

Comscore doesn’t track the traffic from cybercafes and has a panel size of 16,000 in India (tracks household and office usages, 15+ age group) – so is it a good way to track relative performance of sites?


What about Alexa? Have you come across a single soul who has installed Alexa’s browser toolbar? We haven’t. Can you rely on Alexa for relative performance? Not so sure.

Same with Google trends – works in some cases, grossly misses the point otherwise.

To summarize, following are our top confusions from the digital world:

  • Number of Internet users – No matter how you define the ‘user’, most of the reports grossly differ when it comes to defining the total number of Internet users.
  • Site traffic (discussed above)
  • Size of Internet advertising market in India
  • Mobile Advertising Market – 500 crores or..? Very often, we come across reports that estimates the mobile advertising market anywhere from Rs. 40 crores to 500 crores (same with the online gaming market).

Much of the above confusions surmount because of lack of any trusted authority in the Indian market. Is there an opportunity to be one?


What’s your take? What are you confused about?

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