Top Apps for Keeping a Tab on Your Expenses

With the Union Budget being announced just last week, all of us are reminded about how much we spend and earn. Keeping track of our money is often a tedious and boring task. With the advent of smartphones that task has gotten a whole lot easier.

While most expense tracking apps allow you to manually enter your incoming and outgoing transactions, additional features can vary widely. While there are numerous apps that keep track of expenses, here is our pick of apps that we recommend you try out.

Toshl Finance Expense Tracker


Toshl Finance is both a website and a mobile app that works across all smartphone platforms and any computer you’re sitting at. Toshl is best for budgeting daily expenditures. Toshl is designed in a way where you can set a monthly limit for yourself and are then allowed to work within those limitations. It has a user-friendly design and cute graphics that include animated cartoon monsters. The main screen has an “Expenses” tab for viewing and adding expenses, a “Tags” tab for managing tags used to categorize your items and a “Budget” tab to input any budgetary guidelines for your spending.
Toshl is available as a free app and also as a Pro version adds additional data formats and features like the ability to use multiple budgets and create extra graphs online.
It is available as an iOS, Android, Windows Phone app and also on the web.

Expense Tracker


Expense Tracker is a simple daily expense tracking application for Android, which allows you to monitor your spending pattern. It supports multiple accounts and one can see transactions for the last three months. It has a Graph feature which allows you to see your spending patterns. One can also easily backup transaction history and view it on a spreadsheet program. You can fill a transaction based on category or description. One can also search your transaction history.
Expense Tracker is available for Android.



Expensify is a great app for tracking expenses.  A user can easily create tags which makes it easier sort through expenses. You can also take photos to keep track of bills with this app. There are two photo modes – the first is a “smart” mode, where, after you upload your receipt, it will read it and fill in all the fields for you, like company name and amount. In the “basic” mode, information will have to be entered manually. The free version of the app allows only limited number of smart mode saves per month. The report section of the app is great for getting category totals and also to see how much you have spent overall. The app also has a web dashboard that sync expenses automatically. Other features of the app include the ability to track expenses such as mileage or time. Expensify is available as apps for iOS and Android as well as on the web.



moBudget is a Windows Phone app for keeping track of expenses. It allows users to save expenses in the cloud. It comes with Live tile support and Windows Phone 8 users can easily pin quick transactions to the Start screen. One can also keep a track of  upcoming and overdue payments, incomes, bills. It has nice customizable color budget bars for quick visual feedback as well as a budgets adjustment helper. This app can also predict when you will be out of funds. It has support for multiple currencies and a user can easily export data to Excel.
You can download moBudget here.



EasyMoney is one of the best expense tracker and budget planner apps for Android. The app includes an expense tracker, a budget planner, a cheque book manager and bills reminder. The app has a Home Screen Widget for faster data entry. One can receive notifications for upcoming and overdue bills. Users can analyze income, expenses, cash flow and balance over various data ranges with Interactive Reports & Graphs. The data can be backed up on a data card and can be exported as a .CSV file. The apps also lets users take pictures of bills and save them.
Download EasyMoney here.

iXpense Lite


iXpense Lite is one of the best expense available apps for the iPhone. The app allows users to store up to 100 expense records, which can easily be created in a touch on-the-go fashion. iXpense Lite can also be set up to notify you when you have upcoming bill payments. Receipts and bills can easily be saved by either entering the data manually or by clicking a picture of it. The app is able to create an expense summary that shows your monthly average expense, average expense per day and top expense of the month. The app has support for multi-currency. Users can also protect their personal financial data with password protection. This app also supports the import/export of data via .CSV and HTML.
Download iXpense Lite for iPhone here.

Hello Expense


If you need an app that does the basic of keeping track of expenses without any frills, then look no further than Hello Expense. This Android app makes it easy to store expense info on the go. When the app is opened, you get a plain black-and-white form with a handful of fields: the date, the expense category, the expense amount and any tags you wish to add. A button at the bottom of the screen lets you view your collected expenses by category, day, week, month or year. One can also export the records as a CSV file and save it on the device or send it as an email. The app doesn’t have any preset categories or tags, so you’ll need to take a few minutes to create your own lists of terms before you begin. We totally loved the simplicity and ease of use of Hello Expense. Hello Expense is available for Android.

These are just our favorites. Let us know what app you use to keep track of your expenses.

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