9 Killer Tools Every PC Ninja Must Have


9 Killer Tools Every PC Ninja Must Have

PC NinjaA PC ninja doesn’t want to be. He is. That’s because he’s got all these top PC tools at his disposal. We’ve made a small list here. There are many more. If you are a PC ninja, help others out & leave a comment about your favorite PC tool that makes you a ninja!

1. Signals

This is a must have for Chrome users who frequently e-mail people for sales and other things. The free tool from HubSpot gives you notifications when someone opens your e-mail. The app integrates with Gmail, Google Apps and Outlook. It also plugs into Salesforce, Nimble CRM & HubSpot’s marketing platform. The personal edition is free and gives you up to 200 notifications a month. The team edition costs $10 a month with unlimited notifications a month. Check it out here.

2. Command & Control Your Mobile

With AirDroid, you can manage your Android device from a web browser over the air. Basically, its like remote login to your Android device. The free tool is particularly useful if you are a heavy texter and would type using a full fledged keyboard. You can access your files and media, find your phone if its lost, manage apps and do a whole lot of things on your phone right from your PC. If you are a PC ninja, there is no way you can skip this app. You can get it here.

3. Twitter Savvy

TweetDeck by Twitter is a must have if you are a social media guy with a PC. The Twitter client, helps you arrange your feeds, schedule tweets, monitor and manage multiple accounts. Its column view is perhaps the best way to experience Twitter. Yes, even better than the web version. Hootsuite is also a very powerful tool for PC users. It works on the mobile as well. The social media management tool, has free and paid plans and supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media sites. Check out TweetDeck here.

4. CRM in Your Inbox- Streak

Streak is basically a great Customer Relationship Management tool in your inbox. Our sales & marketing team uses this extensively to track leads. It only works with Google Apps and is free its current avatar. Use cases? Sales, Customer Support, Bug Tracking and Hiring. It has also got an app, in case you are on the move. You can schedule emails to send later, selectively share parts of your inbox to collaborate better with your team.

5. The Swiss Army Knife of File Conversion- CloudConvert

Folks often throw weird file types at the PC ninja. An average user would go, download the codec and do a dozen twisted tricks before finally giving up. A PC ninja simply goes to Cloudconvert & gets his job done. No sweat. This doesn’t sit on your PC but sometimes its better to not have everything on the PC. You can read more about it here.

6. Dealing With Windows

A PC ninja works at great speed. Sometimes, he stumbles and closes a window by accident. He simply uses Undo Close to bring back the window he has closed (more here). Sometimes, a PC ninja has to close all windows at the same time. He does this with a hotkey or a simple click with Close All. See how its configured here.

7. Got Media? Will Play- VLC Media

The VLC media player has to be the PC ninja’s favorite multimedia player. It pretty much plays every format you can throw at it. The no hassles player comes in a simple skin and is light on the processor. It is easily the best options out there.

8. Free Ka Maal- GIMP

If a PC ninja has to work on pictures, he’d rather use GIMP for free than pay for Photoshop. Gimp stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It works works on Windows & Mac. It is a feature rich tool and lets you do almost everything a paid program does. Download here.

9. Size Doesn’t Matter- Wiseval Photophant

This is an old tool which has been a favorite for a long time. If you need to edit, resize or even watermark dozens of photographs at a time, try the Wiseval Photophant. It lets you mass process photographs. It supports various file formats including JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG. Download here.

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