Ask.Com Reveals Top Question of 2009 – “How much should I weigh?” has revealed the top questions of 2009, as told through the billions of questions asked by millions of Americans on this year.

As 40% Americans are overweight, the top question turned out to be “How much should I weigh?”!’s Top Questions of 2009:

  1. How much should I weigh?
  2. How do I get out of debt fast?
  3. How do I get pregnant?
  4. What is Twitter?
  5. What is Miley Cyrus’ phone number?
  6. What is the meaning of life?
  7. When will the world end?
  8. How long does marijuana stay in your system?
  9. What are the symptoms of Swine Flu?
  10. What time is it?

When it comes to technology, ‘What is Twitter’ isn’t the top question, but Internet basics tops the chart:

  1. How do I make a website?
  2. What does URL stand for?
  3. How do I find my IP address?
  4. What is an RSS feed?
  5. How many megabytes are in a gigabyte?
  6. How do I delete my cookies?
  7. What is JavaScript?
  8. What does FTP stand for?
  9. What is a 3G network?
  10. What is a PDF file? [the entire list here]
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