Top Social Media Traffic Sources for India – Facebook, Digg, SU and Twitter

Facebook’s recent launch of Like feature can pretty much give them web domination. Unlike Google, Facebook has a great handle on your friends, what you like etc and its known that sharing happens at Facebook (and not Twitter).

Stacounter, analytics tool has published reports on Internet traffic and here are some interesting findings.

Fall of Digg, Rise of Facebook

Social Media Traffic to Websites

Its a worldwide phenomena that Digg is losing relevance [and will go the 2X route with the launch of Facebook ‘Like’ button] – what is interesting is the rise of Facebook sharing over other social networks.

After Facebook and Digg, whats matter in India is StumpledUpon, Twitter and Delicious (though ‘other’ category is also important, which might include Orkut?). Globally, Twitter generates almost one in ten Social Media global hits to website [read: Facebook Driving More Traffic to Yahoo than Google)

What this means is that integrating Facebook into your website is as important as optimizing your site for Google. And for Google, this is a red flag.

Learn how to implement Facebook ‘like’ button in your site.

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