And The Top Indian Cities Drawing Tech Talent Are? [LinkedIn Data]

Lately, there have been several talks about the top tech cities in India and leaving the emotional angle aside, let’s look at data from LinkedIn, which recently announced crossing 26 million users in India .

LinkedIn analyzed its 300 million member profiles across the world to understand which economies are attracting technology talent. The analysis revealed that the top four cities drawing tech talent are from India: Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Top Tech Cities
Top Tech Cities

The three most popular categories* of skills among the surveyed members were:

  • IT Infrastructure and Systems Management (e.g. ITIL, Active Directory, Disaster Recovery, Enterprise Architecture, etc.)
  • Java Development (e.g. Java, Eclipse, JSP, Spring, etc.)
  • Web Programming (e.g. HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, jQuery, etc.)

Do check out the visualization of LinkedIn analysis:
*A survey or data? While LinkedIn has mentioned that the above data is from their analysis of profiles, they also mention that the members were surveyed. So take this with a pinch of LinkedIn salt (read : How to read survey reports).

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