Top Tweeting Countries and a Look at Twitter’s India Stats [Flat Engagement?]

Twitter’s hockey stick growth has flattened over the last few months, but it’s interesting to note the emergence of South East Asian countries in the usage of Twitter.

Sysomos compiled a report on top tweeting countries (based on data between mid-October to mid-December, 2009 and data from 13 million tweets) and an interesting finding is that majority of users aren’t using the geo location API tool.

Top 10 Tweeting Countries

– US, Brazil, UK, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Australia, Netherlands, India and Japan (via)

As far as total number of tweets from a country is concerned, India stands at 10th position (contributes 0.97% of total tweets).

Twitter Traffic in India

While Unique Users grow phenomenally, Average stay on the site has decreased (*).

Twitter Traffic in India
Twitter Traffic in India (click for higher resolution)

What do you think is happening with Twitter’s growth in India?

* – Twitter’s usage comes from several tools and internet traffic is just an indication of the traffic.

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