Sequoia Capital is India’s Top VC Firm (in terms of activity)

Going purely by total number of investments as well as $-value of investments, Sequoia Capital India tops the VC list.

In total, Sequoia has made 53 investments in India, followed by Ventureast and then Intel Capital.

As far as total $-value of investments is concerned, Sequoia again leads the race ($504mn so far, followed by Intel Capital ($131) and NVP ($156.6) (Source: Outlook Business).

Sequoia Capital India7121318353
Intel Capital3748123
Helion Venture Partners0488222
DFJ India0339217
Nexus India Capital0149216
NEA IndoUS Ventures0059014
IDG India Ventures0065011
Kleiner Perkins1306010
Norwest Venture Partners1312310
Canaan Partners0144110
Inventus Capital Partners33

Few days back, Red Herring conducted a survey based on several parameters (exits/returns/liquidity) and Nexus India Capital was voted the top VC firm in India.

Disclaimer- To a startup, ‘Top VC/Best VC’ surely doesn’t mean much. This article is reflection of investments made by VC firms in India.

[Hat tip: Subbu.]

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