Startup Torch (Antarix) Wants to be the Google Analytics for Offline Retail [UnPluggd]

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Startup Torch (Antarix) Wants to be the Google Analytics for Offline Retail [UnPluggd]

Online retailers have analytics, retargeting, heatmaps, big data and a whole arsenal of weapons to go after the customer. What do offline retailers have? Very little.

Startup Antarix Networks wants to change the game, by becoming the Google analytics for offline retailers, giving them superpowers to target their customers better and improve sales.

Torch is a wireless sensor built by Antarix, which measures customer traffic in a retail store by monitoring smartphone activity inside the shop.

The Torch Sensor
The Torch Sensor

It monitors signal strength, wi-fi, bluetooth signals etc from a users smartphone. The information is then aggregated and used to provide insights to retailers.

It gives you a great mobile and web based dashboard which gives you a view of the people inside the store. It even tells you how long users have been in a store and when they left etc (bounce rate eh?).

For larger format retail chains, operations managers can get a birds eye view across the chains. Torch also allows stores to get notifications about customer activity as well. Stores can also send push notifications to the customer.

Sounds cool? Don’t miss their demo at UnPluggd. It is even better (unfortunately, it ends abruptly, but you get the gist).

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