Review: Phosphor’s TouchTime Watch : A Great Perspective on Smart Feature Watch

American watch brand Phosphor has launchde Touch Time, which offers an ultramodern spin on the standard digital watch and boasts a high-resolution, button-less display, touchscreen capability, and most importantly does not require recharging every few days.

Think of Phospor’s Touch Time as a smart(er)watch that doesn’t really ship with smartphone batteries (and apps). Funded on crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter, the Touch Time campaign generated more than $300,000 in funds.


What Exactly is Touch Time Watch?

Touch Time utilizes a capacitive touch interface and is extremely easy to use watch that allows you to change the time display or select apps with a swipe of a finger, rather than requiring a myriad of button pushes. Touch Time’s display is always on, and therefore eliminates the need to press a button to see what time it is. Swipe and you change the look and feel, get access to apps – it’s a neatly crafted user experience without the complexity of a smart watch.

The most interesting aspect of Touch Time watch is the design/experience consistency across the apps. Apps include:

  • Calculator with oversized numerical and mathematical symbol buttons
  • Alarm, Calendar, World time, Timer and stopwatch display lap data, Reminders and Lunar displays moon phase days to full moon and horoscope.
  • Water resistant up to 30 meters (3ATM).

TouchTime : Extremely Customizable

One of the most notable features of Touch Time is the ability to select from 7 different built-in time displays with a simple swipe of your finger. The display itself can also be inverted, giving you up to 14 different watch dial appearances ranging from oversized digital to analog time dials. Touch Time also supports different languages like French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, and German apart from English.


What Touch Time Is NOT

It isn’t a smartwatch which is connected and lets you check your email/do WhatsApp etc.

There is NO syncing of phone (or content) with other devices/accounts.

Review : Touch Time Watch

We totally loved the product – especially from a design and experience point of view. It’s one of those products that start a conversation (hell! you just changed the look of the watch). In terms of apps, we wish there was more. The current set of apps, esp. Reminders do not really live up to the expectation (hate to say this, but would have loved to have it sync with GCal).

The biggest challenge for the product is whether you compare them with digital watches of the last era (that never saw any serious innovation) OR the smartwatches of the future.

The Touch Time watch sits somewhere in the middle and is important for the team to define the product messaging clearly (right now,it’s slightly higher towards the ‘smartwatch’ end).

“The digital watch market has a billion dollar market size consisting primarily of 20-year-old antiquated technology..We wanted to bring digital watches into the new age, and it was important that we didn’t create a product that ended up being just another device that needed recharging. Most watches of this capacity need a charge once a day, Touch Time can last up to one year without a replacement battery.” [Phosphor’s President Donald Brewer]

Touch Time is now available in a number of different silicone and bracelet straps starting at $159. We recommend the product, if you aren’t looking for a connected/smartwatch, but if you are looking for a watch that goes beyond the boring watches, Touch Time is it!

Different Apps on Touch Time Watch
Different Apps on Touch Time Watch

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