Creating flash movies made damn easy : Toufee

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Creating flash movies made damn easy : Toufee

Calling all ye creative souls – stop buying costly softwares to create flash movies.
Damn the desktop softwares. Damn the costly softwares (read Adobe/Swish). Infact, damn the software itself.

Have a Toufee.

Toufee, an Indian startup is a free tool to create flash movies. The beauty of this product is that it’s damn simple to use. You don’t need to be a creative geek (read Macromedia genius) to create flash movies.
Few of the nifty features include drag and drop element placement, text-to-speech engine and above all, you can embed these flash movies in your site/blog.

Toufee, interestingly is one of the few Indian products to be TechCrunched.

Opportunities for Toufee are immense – and the initial target audience for them should be MySpace users, Bloggers and they can even tie up with corporates for creating online tutorials/instructional designing materials etc.
Though there are a few jagged edges in the product (+ a little boring interface), at the core of Toufee sits a damn neat concept.

Well, I am giving my creative juice a try and will share my movies in the next few days.
Why don’t you too give it a spin and share your Toufee movies?

What’s next from us? Interview with Toufee founders. If you have questions for them/Toufee, please leave them in the comment section.

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