Tourism Ministry Launches Official Trip Planning Site, Tripigator

The Tourism ministry has partnered with travel planning engine, Tripigator, to be its official itinerary and travel planning partner.

After private players created travel planning platforms, it’s now the turn of the Indian Tourism Ministry. The ministry has partnered with travel planning engine, Tripigator, as its official itinerary and travel planning partner.

Tripigator provides users with personalised travel itineraries. It was started by IIT Kharagpur graduates Mukul Garg, Piyush Grover and Karteek Narumanchi.

Planning your Trip via Tripigator

While the site wants to help you plan a trip with “fewer clicks”, the portal is pretty painful to use.

Users can plan trips using maps, or by listing the destinations they wish to visit.

Tripigator also selects a range of destinations that users can visit by just using the “starting” input. Travelers must then choose a range of activities which they would like to focus on during the trip. This ranges from adventure, culture, family, friends, hideaways and other categories. Other filters include budget, energy level (normal, relaxed, active) and trip type (premium or economy).

Tripigator then gives you a brief preview of the destinations and how to get there.

To shortlist/modify and even view the details of a specified destination, users have to log in with either their Facebook or Google+ profiles.

Trip Planning Via Maps

tripigator 2

Users can also choose to plan their trips on maps directly. Once you enter the destination you want to visit, it gives you the following details,

  • Expected temperature and weather forecast for the days given

  • Rating of destinations based on different categories (adventure, culture, friends etc)

  • Best time to visit the destination

Once that is done, it gives a list based view of activities that can be covered in the area. It automatically plots to map as you add the trip to different areas. This also includes hotels and ways of getting to the destination of choice. After the entire process is finished, users can “save” their trip to view all the details.

But, this again can only be done after signing up or logging in.

Users can also share the trip post the sign up/sign in.

Both the signup via Facebook and signup via Google+ options didn’t work when we tried.


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