Tourism Department’s Gesture Controlled Site Brings Kerala Monsoon to the Desktop


Tourism Department’s Gesture Controlled Site Brings Kerala Monsoon to the Desktop

The Kerala tourism story, is one of the most successful branding stories from India. The ‘god’s own country’ campaign run by the tourism department is well known for coming out with edgy and innovative marketing campaigns. It is monsoon in Kerala now. A beautiful time to be there. But for those who want to relive the memories, the department of tourism has launched a site.

This time around, a tiny addition makes it an interesting experience. The site, When it rains in Kerala! is a new interactive gesture controlled website launched by the Department of Tourism, to promote the monsoons in Kerala. All you need to enjoy the website is a webcam and the Google Chrome browser.Kerala Tourism

The site was launched late last month, just a couple of days ahead of the arrival of monsoon in Kerala.

Once you enter the website, you can browse through beautiful images of Kerala in the monsoon by waving your hand in front of the camera. The gesture recognition is not very precise, but since there are images everywhere, the gesture will bring a new image onto the screen. You will get a better idea when you try the website.

The site will also function without gesture control, there are direction tabs given below using which you can browse through the images.

Gesture controls isn’t new to the desktop platform. An interesting desktop app called Flutter, available for both Mac and Windows that lets you control iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp and other supported applications using simple hand gestures through your webcam. You can now play and pause tracks on your computer, even if the keyboard is beyond your reach. The Flutter Chrome extension along with the desktop app will allow you to control YouTube, Grooveshark and other supported pages through the Google Chrome browser. The company is expected to add more gestures in the future.

Gesture control platform The Fluid Motion recently demoed at Unpluggd 7.

Using this platform you can convert devices like TV and computers and other displays to recognize hand gestures.

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