Track Books/CD prices as they fall

Need a service which can help you buy a book at the lowest price?

Try out BooksPrice. offers a twist on the standard price comparison services. While other price comparisons used to compare a single price at a time, BooksPrice offered a way to compare the complete content of a cart (Including books, dvds, cds and video games).

One of the most significant feature of BooksPrice is RSS Price Watcher.

“RSS Price Watcher” adds a twist to the standard way in which users usually use RSS feeds. Our customizable RSS feeds enable users to track the price of a specific book, dvd, cd or a video game using rss feeds on any RSS reader – for example, from their own personalized portals and home pages (in sites like Google, Yahoo, NetVibes and others). This makes Price Comparison an easy and an hassle free tool, and makes it easy for them to watch for price drops on their desired items. The feeds can be customizable by: shipping location, currency, and filtering on new or used items.

Very interesting service. And the best part about BooksPrice is that it’s not just limited to particular geographies [search is spread across multiple geographies].

The site is pretty well AJAXed and RSS Watcher is probably the smartest feature that these guys have built [I have always believed that an offline presence always boosts a brand value].

Compare this with uGenie. And you will know where online retail is headed to! – i.e. scraping and product/item/SKU bundling!

By the way, a price comparison of Harry Potter 7 [pre-order] resulted in a better offer from uGenie! [$18.84 vs. BooksPrice’s $38.84!]

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