Track your cloud spending using Xervmon, a SAAS based solution

Tracking your company’s cloud-based spending, and managing your network of cloud resources can be a nightmare. The fact that many of the costs and usage metrics associated with cloud services are often variable, relatively small on their own, and can be numerous as different services are added, can make for a time-consuming (i.e. costly) accounting, budgeting, and strategic planning process. This problem only worsens once you address the logistics of factoring your physical, legacy IT infrastructure into the equation.

And this is where Xervmon comes in. Xervmon is SAAS solution offering cloud cost management and analytics solution that allows you to analyze cost data from multiple vendors (Amazon, Rackspace Cloud, HP, Microsoft) across all the tiers of the cloud stack (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

Xervmon provides IT managers, CFOs, and other key company decision makers a simple solution to budget and accurately track spending across their entire IT infrastructures – including both legacy resources and those in the cloud.  In addition, the company provides in-depth predictive data analytics regarding future IT use, through its proprietary Cloudspend and SpendTrend applets.

The aggregated information is presented to users in a number of ways, such as browser-based web application and iOS app (as both sortable raw data, and various graphical representations), can be exported to a number of widely used software solutions, as well as regularly sent directly to your inbox as detailed reports and notifications.

How does Xervmon work?

Xervmon directly aggregates and analyzes key IT usage metrics and expenses automatically.  The automatic integration with cloud services is managed by fully encrypted methods (typically through APIs) to access and analyze your provider specific information in real time.

As far as physical, legacy IT system data is concerned, you have no option but to enter the data manually. The product also integrates with your existing management tools like Sharepoint, Alfresco, etc. As far as pricing is concerned, Xervmon follows freemium model providing SpendTrend service free for 6 months (upto $5,000 CloudSpend tracking)

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