Track your site visitors real time using Gamooga Second Screen

Worried about your ecommerce site conversion? your blog’s bounce rate?

Well, one way to understand why your visitors are abandoning the site (or store) is to see what they are doing in real-time. Maybe, they aren’t getting the features right, maybe they are too confused with navigation.gamoogasecondscreen

Gamooga Second Screen is a web application that gives you deep insights into what your visitors are doing on the website in realtime. It shows different activities being performed by visitors like page visits, searches, cart additions, cart abandonments, checkouts, checkout errors etc – in realtime.

You can see visitor’s mouse moves, mouse clicks, page navigation, infact every interaction of the customer in realtime!

For example, an ecommerce site can use this information to identify visitors most likely to make a purchase on the website along with any difficulty they are facing browsing or purchasing through your website. The (live) support team can then help him make a purchase, start a screen mirror to view the customer’s screen in realtime. Plus, they will be able to get a full sized view of how the website is being browsed by the customer. The support team can also message the customer in realtime to offer him any help in browsing through the website or help him out in choosing the product that he is looking for or even offer him discounts to tip him off to make the payment. Its as if the support team is over the shoulders of the customer helping him out in realtime like a real physical store.

Hyderabad based Gamooga’s product is currently being used by Freecultr, DonebyNone, BuythePrice (now Tradus), Madura fashion & lifestyle, Yellowfashion, Globalshiksha, Indusdiva, Koolskool, Outdoor Travel Gear, Ultramedi etc

Brilliant? The realtime analytics product could be a step in bringing the ecommerce experience closer to the real world (read: Why Indians do not buy online).

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