Track Site Visitor Activity – Tools to use [Part 1]

This week’s theme, as we mentioned earlier is ‘Tracking site visitor activity’ and here are some of the tools that will help you track visitor activity on your website.

Tools that help you Track Site Visitor Activity


CrazyEgg lets you check your visitor activity across multiple domains and is quite easy to setup. Free account (offers following features

– Heatmap Analysis – Visual representation of where people clicked on your site. This tells you what’s hot and what’s not, so you can make changes that matter.

– Confetti – This will help you dig a little deeper into visitor activity and refine them based on referrers, operating system, browsers etc.

– Overlay – helps you understand how many times a link was clicked? What are the ‘hot’ links in your site?

–  List – Helps you understand activities per element (for instance, how many visitors used the ‘search box’, clicked on an image.


Clickdensity offers pretty much similar features as Crazyegg, and there are few features that differentiates it from the rest:

– Surprise areas – Are people clicking on areas where they shouldn’t? (unlinked logo?). Similarly, what are the unpopular areas/links in your site?

– Precise Heatmaps – Unlike many other services, ClickDensity heatmaps are very precise and it’s really easy to compare different sections/components.

-Hover maps – displays usage data for individual items on your pages. All clickable items on the page are highlighted, and can be individually activated to show the number of visitors that clicked on them, and other statistics.

– Page stats : You can follow any link on your site and check the stat of that page (even for free accounts).


How about watching a video of user activity on the site? Watching where they click, how they scroll? Their mouse movement etc? How do they consume content?

Userfly essentially lets you track visitor activity on the site and stores the videos in your account. We have been using Userfly for quite sometime and really like the service (though there are a lot of features suggestions for the team).

There are whole lot of tools that offer similar services, but we are profiling the ones who have certain differentiation as well as free accounts for one to even play with.

Do share your favourite tools that help you track visitor activity.

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