Track your journey – with satellite precision!

Great news for shutter bugs – Now they can pinpoint pictures on the world map, show the world where they had been, and at what time – all this with accurate satellite precision.

Sony GPS-CS1 records time and location for each photo taken, so when you transfer your photos to computer and synchronise with GPS-CS1 it accurately pinpoint each photos on the world map.

The portable device is only 3.5 inches long and weighs just 2 ounces!!

How does it work?
While transfering your pictures from camera to PC, you also need to connect the GPS tracker device.
The GPS device will synchronize all your photos along with the latitude and longitude details. Once you are done with synchronisation, you can plot the picture in any of the world map(Google/Yahoo map)

The device will be launched in September and will cost $150.

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