Trackid: GPS Meets Your Kid’s School Bag [bigMobilityConf Demo #6]

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Trackid: GPS Meets Your Kid’s School Bag [bigMobilityConf Demo #6]

Trackid, by Saltbridge, is a GPS enabled bag that will help parents keep track of their kid’s whereabouts and well being in real-time. The product is intended to take care of some of the primary concerns of parents like: Where’s my kid? What’s he doing now? Did he reach school safely? How long till school bus drops him home? Is he back home yet?

Trackid offers parents an easy way to keep track of their kids by just by sending an SMS, which will quickly fetch the current location of their kid in real time. Other than SMS, parents can also interact with Trackid through the web applications or the smartphone app.


The Trackid web application will also allow you to watch your kids commute on Google Maps. Parents can create Safe Zones for the kids, around frequently visited locations on the map and get notified whenever the kids leave or enter that zones.

The product also features a one-way voice feature, using which parents will have the ability to hear the kid and surrounding voices, making sure of what the kid is up to. parents can also access smart reports based on past activities and history giving a complete idea of past whereabouts. The product will be available both has a GPS enabled bag and portable device.

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