Tracking World News Made Easy


Tracking World News Made Easy

Do you find it difficult to keep a track of what’s happening in diff. parts of the world?

What if an application allows you to access all the news from the world map itself?
(instead of you subscribing to news feeds from newspapers across the world)

Sounds really cool?
MappedUp, a personalized news application tracks the news feeds (from newspapers across the world) and displays them on the world map.
All you need to do is click on the country of your interest, and Mappedup will fetch the latest news for you.

One can also define/customize the newspaper feeds.
What I really liked about this application is the amazingly-done AJAXification and the detailed level of personalization (one can customize the display by specific tags/RSS feeds).

The site is still in beta and you need to be an early-bird to get a login (only 25 new accounts can be created in a day)

So, sit back and enjoy the latest news delivered on the world map!

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