TrackMe Lets You Share Real Time Location With a Group You Pick

Google latitude was fun. Until they retired it.  A new app called TrackMe wants to help you share your real time location with a group of people you choose.

TrackMe lets you track yourself, your family members, your employees. Or a group of people can track each other. You can create a group and add family or friends or employees who you want to share your location with.

Other members of the group can see where you are on their phone or on a webpage hosted by the developers. According to GTS Solutions, the company which released the app, it works in areas where there is no GPS or Internet.


The company can help you host the service on your own server, so it is more secure. This is a paid service.

The problem with location aware applications is that its almost always a drain on the battery. Moreover, sharing real time location is not something an average consumer would be happy doing. Check-ins are different, it’s got flaunt value, can be gamified and it isn’t real time.

Recently launched LocoMapia does similar things. It lets you share location, route, and other details with connected users.

This could be a great tool for enterprises and businesses that want to keep track of their mobile assets. For instance, it could be a key component of a mobile workforce management suite. Products like Xora have made inroads into that market.

Download TrackMe.

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