TradersCockpit–Define A Trading Strategy. Back Test With Historical Data

The number of products being launched for stock trading marked has grown over the last few years with each product claiming to provide a better ‘recommendation engine’ and provide data analytical tools. The market, so to say is over saturated (with no second player after moneycontrol), but there still is a place to do a lot more interesting services around stock trading.

TradersCockpit is an equity strategy building platform where a trader/investor can create his/her own strategies, back test it with historical data, fine tune the strategies to suit a particular market condition and then sell/share with others. It also has a Stock Screener and analytical tools which helps the trader/retailer to identify trade opportunities.

 The product caters to different traders type and this is the team has a value prop matching different B2C traders:

1) Rookie/TIP Traders
Pain Point :More than 90% TIP traders lose. Tips being used as exit strategy by Fund Houses and smart Traders.
Our Proposition : Follow Winning strategies with proven track record, automatic trading alerts from Strategies. Tips has vested interests but Strategy alerts do MOT, Tip based ranking system cannot sustain in long term but different strategies do work for different market conditions.

2) Experienced Traders and Analysts
Pain Point : Victims of information overload
Our Proposition : 5 min of your time daily – Powerful Screeners, Identify trade opportunities. Symbol Score & analysis gives you the 360 degree view.

3) Professional traders
Pain Point :Limited Access to Powerful Strategy tools
Our Proposition : Powerful Strategy Engine with Back Testing , No Learning Curve (No Scripting or Programming required)

The site has a strong web1.0 feel and we strongly recommend the team to focus on UX (improve the landing page, match the intent/features), after all that’s one missing element in products in trading space. Importantly, there has to be a compelling reason to join the network and that doesn’t seem to come out clearly.

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