Traffic Stats of Indian Local Search Services – Who is Heading North?


Traffic Stats of Indian Local Search Services – Who is Heading North?

We profiled the relative traffic of top local search services in India in the month of September 2008 and it’s time to revisit the metrics again.

Based on Comscore data (one of the top Confusions in Digital Media measurement), we compiled the list of local-search-only portals (which are tracked by Comscore) and here is the traffic data (April 2008-09):

Traffic of Local Search Services in India
Traffic of Local Search Services in India

– JustDial and askLaila are heading northwards (JD has managed to maintain the gap, but askLaila is fairly strong in distribution game)

– Everybody else seems to be doing ‘just okay’.

– Yahoo local search’s traffic seems to justify the color (coincidence!)

JustDial AskLaila Yahoo Burrp Metromela OnYoMo
Total UU (‘000) * 1290.19 463.29 105.91 140.62 47.39 23.85
Total PV (mn) * 29.72 2.02 0.44 0.89 0.13 0.12

”]Traffic of Local Search Services in India [Pageviews]

Since Comscore doesn’t track Google, Sulekha and Guruji’s local search service separately, we have shared the overall traffic data with you (India data only).

Last time, we adjusted the numbers and some of you disagreed (questions like: what’s the rationale for assuming 3% of Google’s traffic goes to local search?) etc.. – so this time,we keep the loop open ended for you to make your own inferences.

Google Sulekha Guruji
Total UU (in ‘000) 22,423 2,453 1839.50
Total PV (mn) 2,053.35 20 29.53

Also, it’s important to note that web traffic is an indicator of service’s usage – for instance, Justdial and Google are available on voice, askLaila on DTH/IM etc.

Share your opinion/inference from the data.

What’s your favourite local search service? Or does the search starts from Google only?

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* UU stands for Unique Users. PV stands for Page views.

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