TRAI Proposes Using ‘112’ As The Universal Emergency Number In India

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has proposed that all emergency services in the country – police, fire and ambulance – be accessible through a single number – ‘112’.
Similar to ‘911’ emergency services in the US, the TRAI suggests that Indian should adopt a single number based Integrated Emergency Communication & Response System (IECRS).
Currently each emergency service in India has its own separate number – 100, 101, 102 and 108, which TRAI suggests can be retained, with all calls to them being redirected to the new 112 emergency number.
People will be able to make calls to the 112 number even if their outgoing call facility has been suspended, while an SMS based facility could require telecom operators to share location-based information of the device from which the SMS was sent.
The single number based emergency communication response system will require the government to setup a response management system to coordinate the dispatch of emergency services.
Further, the system can incorporate automatic call redirecting facility, location tracking, while also plotting all the incoming information on a map showing landmarks and available resources for quick response.
In order to make all these systems work together, the TRAI also suggests that PCR vans, Fire engines and Ambulances be fitted with GPS modules to transmit their location.

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