Telecom Regulator Tells Spammers to Take A Hike [Blacklist Spammers; Imposes SMS Termination Charges]

Mobile TowerIndia’s telecom regulator has said that if a user complains of being spammed by someone, the telecom service provider must disconnect all telecom resources allotted to the spammer after investigation.

The new order, which comes in less than a month, was part of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s “ The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference (Twelfth Amendment) Regulations, 2013,” issued on Friday.

The idea is to tighten the regulations to control Unsolicited Commercial Communications. The subscriber sending such messages will be blacklisted.

The regulator also said that termination charges for a normal text message will be 2 paise per sms whereas for transactional sms,it will be 5 paise per sms. The regulations will apply from June 1.

Termination charges are charges paid by an operator from whose network the sms originates to the operator on whose network the text message ends up.

Under current regulations, operators did not really bother collecting termination charges from each other as it usually cancelled each other out and was a small amount. However, Trai said that in the wake of rising disputes between service providers, the termination charges have been prescribed.

On an average, between September 2011 to April 2013, over 5,27,457 complaints were lodged by consumers against unsolicited commercial communications (spam in other words).