TRAI mulling Blockchain to block spam calls and messages

GDPR-like laws are great ideas for user-privacy but they can be quite toothless unless suitable action ensures tapping compliance and information in the right way. Seems like technology can come to rescue here.
In September 2017, apparently, a consultation paper started dwelling into ways to address spam messages and unsolicited calls – remember how the DND (Do Not Call) Registry was supposed to make us safe from unsolicited/marketing calls.
Now, distributed-ledger technologies like the blockchain are surfacing as just the answer that such system-enforcers needed. New draft regulations could soon necessitate Access Providers to establish such ledgers for complaints.
This could be a big turn for a massive problem area that houses crores of subscribers in DND Registry (23 crore since its launch in 2010).
What’s interesting here is how will this take care of scrubbing and use of virtual identities or tokens for anonymity, use of Robo-calls i.e. AI-generated calls and silent calls. The big question here is how will this affect business models of those first-parties/Access-Providers that make revenue out of third-party data transactions.
What a world to live in after Facebook and Paytm fiascos!