Net Neutrality: TRAI Likely To Reject Differential Pricing Of Data Services

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Net Neutrality: TRAI Likely To Reject Differential Pricing Of Data Services

After rejecting Facebook’s Free Basics, TRAI is now set to reject differential pricing of data services which would put a final end to all the platforms like Airtel Zero and Free Basics.

With the intention to uphold digital democracy, the body is set to order an issue this week which will put all these practices to rest and not offer subsidized or free access to any selected platforms.

This move will clearly support net neutrality which means that users will have equal access to all content and platforms.

TRAI had earlier conducted an open discussion with telecom providers and had said it would issue an order by end of January.



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  1. Ud

    – definitely does not deserve the visceral reactions it’s been getting.

    – It’s a genuine effort by an arguably responsible company with a good hearted leader and an effort in the right direction.

    – Instead of all this negativity going around, we should have given it a chance. The advantage it will bring to parts of the society could have been incredible.
    – Just one child in a village discovering wikipedia in his regional language via the free internet on his family phone would have made this effort worth it.

    – If it would have turned negative as the cynics say it will, it wouldn’t have been hard for the government to THEN put a stop to it.

    – And really, if you sit and think unbiasedly about it, this is not really a net neutrality issue.
    – In the Netflix-Comcast case, Comcast was asking for money from Netflix as it used more resources.
    – End customers were not given a choice. If you sign up for Comcast, you participate in this ‘extortion’ ….that violates net neutrality. Comcast was differentiating between it’s clients (Netflix), …..that violates net neutrality.

    – With, customers always have options to go paid and get unfettered access.
    – No neutrality is violated at all.
    – Right now it’s as if you are crying out about the decent enough free grains from the ration store that the poor will get when instead they should have been given a choice between basmati and other kinds of rice grains. So they should stop getting grains altogether. Illogical ?
    – With this logic, paying more for better speed or for access to more data download is also a violation of net ‘neutrality’

    – In the end, it’s a knee-jerk reaction by people exposed to the international tech scene … we do not think or understand the advantages it brings to other parts of the society ….. and it seriously undermines my confidence in our country to make the right decisions.

    – I deeply deeply regret that the initiative wasn’t started before the ‘real’ net neutrality fiasco in the US.
    – It’s only the Netflix-Comcast influence that the keyword ‘net neutrality’ was brought into the English dictionary in India.

  2. That is good and at the same time TRAI has to focus on bringing many rural/urban poor to get into internet fold with some new innovative ways …Don’t think with the current prices it will not be possible..

  3. I thought it would be burden for the common people because they have to charge for calls and web access by the name of Net Neutrality.

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