Telecom regulator issues standards, mobile internet to suck less

India’s telecom regulator wants operators to provide at least three fourth of the subscribed speed to mobile Internet users. In the newly released “Standards of quality of service for wireless data services regulations, 2012,” the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) said that average throughput of packet data should be at least 75 % of the subscribed speed and success rate of downloads and uploads should be at least 80 % and 75 % respectively.

Essentially, you will get conned a little lesser if the operators stick to the dictum.

TRAI has also mandated that every cellular mobile service provider must set up a test telephone service to comprise all geographical areas it services.

The parameters

  • Service activation- Within 4 hours with 95 % success rate
  • Successful data transmission download attempts should be greater than 80 %
  • Successful data transmission upload attempts should be greater than 75 %
  • Minimum download speed should be measured for each plan and reported
  • Average throughput for packet data should be at least 75 % of subscribed speed
  • Latency of data should be less than 250 ms
  • Drop rate should be less than or equal to 5 %

We believe that this is a great move by TRAI and hopefully the quality of services would improve. However, in the Indian market, where there are so many players, laws of free market should have ideally taken care of these issues without the government having to intervene time and again. The service provider will also have to publish the data on its website, TRAI said.