Train Ticket Not Confirmed? Fly With Air India

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Train Ticket Not Confirmed? Fly With Air India

Train passengers who does now have a confirmed ticket, can now get Air India flight tickets at the fare that will be similar to AC first class fares of trains.

Air India has partnered with IRCTC, which will sell the tickets. This move aims to give a boost to Air India’s sales.

If they do not get a confirmed ticket, the passengers will be given an option to book Air India tickets within the next 24 hours.

The AC first class passengers will be charged with the same fare while AC II passengers will be charged AC II fares plus Rs 1,500.


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  1. Fitness Freak

    Nice offer! Actually first class train tickets even cost more than flight tickets 🙂

  2. On this one is good.

  3. Akhil Gupta
    Feedbox has done a great job. Must visit this post. Incredible India…

  4. Guest

    I do not get it .
    What is the value for customers ?
    – is it cheaper than booking from some where else ?
    – is it convenient , customers need no spend time and research to book tickets in case of wait listed ticket.

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