iXiGo launches Travel Deal Search Engine – Search for all things travels

Ixigo has launched a deal search engine (link) that compares hundreds of special offers, promotions & deals for flights, hotels and vacations from all major travel sites across airlines, hotel chains & vacation package sellers.

travel deal search on ixigo

iXiGO’s deal search (soft launched 2 months back) allows a quick search across all online travel deals for search terms of interest to travelers, including searches by destination names (e.g. “Bangkok” or “Goa”), by bank-names (e.g. “Citibank” or “HDFC”) for deals specific to credit cards, and by types of deal (e.g. “cashback” or “discount”).

Aggregating deals from all major travel sites, the product offers travelers a smarter way of searching across travel deals on the Internet – and importantly, the search process is intuitive enough to use (you don’t need to select category etc).

In my earlier article on IRCTC’s revenue from flights (close to 50Lakhs/day), there were a few interesting comments questioning the motive of IRCTC’s foray into the flight ticketing.

Hmm… we are lauding the goodness of IRCTC, the monopoly, the anti-thesis of what entrepreneurship is all about, the site which still lives in 1996?

The govt does not have a business model, it is my & other tax payer’s money which provides a below average web service and now threatens the OTAs, some of who have become an epitome of better quality UX & CX in this nation. – Indus

As a startup, you just need to keep evolving, keep looking for gaps to fill in without wondering the motives of big competition. Ixigo just did that.

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