Yoplr sets off for a new journey – Travel Planning for Religious Destinations

We covered Yoplr when the Bangalore based startup launched its product , which was focused on building one’s travel itinerary for destinations like Goa etc.

A year later, Yoplr is changing its track and is narrowing down on door to door planning based on themes (to start off, religious places).Yoplr_logo

We have said this time and again that most of the travel players are focused purely on transaction, while the most important piece, i.e. planning is left out. Partly because the data is not structured and largely because travel planning has a strong local (and personal) flavour and so far, no one (online) has made significant money in this business.

Yoplr in its new avatar has launched travel planning for Shirdi and will expand to other religious destinations.

yoplr search result pageThe new avatar focuses on door-to-door planning and once you enter the query [From/To, Dates, Preferences of staying/transportation], Yoplr presents the result with details including hotel stay, local transport, darshan details etc.

As  far as market stats are concerned, more than 50% of travels in India are religious travels though using Internet channel for planning the same is going to be an interesting play.

Do give Yoplr a spin and share your comments.

[Disclosure: In my personal capacity, I am assisting the Yoplr team in defining their product strategy.]

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