TravelOBuddies – Building The Travel Community


TraveloBuddies is an interesting startup that aims to build a community around travelers.

Before you ask – why another social network/community site?

Well, the TOB portal has comprehensive information on things related to travel – right from features like Home stay to Famous Recipes etc.

TravelOBuddies has added 243 destinations worldwide so far and also has couple of useful sections like classified, search a buddy.

What’s missing is a) Focus and b) the community angle to the entire product?

I believe TOB is trying to be everything right from the day one – instead, they should probably focus on one aspect of the product – i.e. do they want to give away comprehensive info and build a community around that?

Do they want to build an intention-based community (intention based on travel route/destination etc) ?

The difference is huge and is also a function of how TOB wants to position itself as.

Will you use TOB? What feedback do you have for them?

An interesting startup in travel/exploration space: GeoBeats

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