Travelyaari ‘s “block your seat next to a lady” feature [Good Concept lost in translation]

Raise your hand if you are the one who always wished for a ‘female’ (or opposite sex) companion while traveling (be it air/bus or train)!

Travelyaari, the bus ticketing startup has launched a feature that explicitly mentions seats booked by ladies.


While they aren’t really charging any premium for the ‘seat-next-to-a-lady’, this feature might just turn off a lot of female travelers as this will lead to a perceived harassment.

However, the positive part is that ladies can also look for another lady companion and the system might just work for them, as they feel safer sitting next to a lady (?).

But isn’t this a privacy concern? How else would you have implemented this feature (without sounding too sexist)?

[Hat tip: Sandeep]

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