Startup Traverik Makes Planning A Trip Easy & Fun

For some, planning a trip can be fun. For others, it can be the least interesting thing to do. Now you can make all of it a bit more interesting. Try Traverik , a web based trip planner which makes trip planning fun and easy.

Just key in the place you’d like to visit and it throws up an itinerary for you. Play around with the suggestions, drag and drop destinations, pick your ride, choose places to stay and you have the whole trip ready- quick and clean!

This is quite great for those who don’t want to waste time reading up on the place you are about to visit or asking friends for suggestions.

How does it work?

Once you key in your destination, it shows you a list of places to visit and things to do. You can also select the mode of transport between two points based on your budget and available ways of travel.

You can click and drag various items on your itinerary to suit your plans. The sharing features allow you to share trip details with your friends who are with you on the trip or simply want to help you plan.

The site also has a really helpful feature to plot your trip on a map. It gives you a sense of distances and directions.

The information on the site could use some depth. For example, it doesn’t have any information on Gir National Park in Gujarat and its one among the most popular tourist destinations of the state!

We wish the automatic suggestions were a bit more intelligent and thorough, based on distances and activities. Tighter integration with Facebook could probably be  an interesting aspect to explore. For example what if the site knew from your profile that you are a big fan of Pizzas and suggests nearest pizza joints on your route? The problem of not having a lot of suggestions is that one will have to rely on ones own knowledge of the place to plan parts of the trip and that beats the whole purpose.

Overall, the platform has the makings of a great tool and can go a long way in solving real pain points for travelers with a bit of tweaking. Not that it doesn’t have competition from the likes of iXigo’s trip planner and Trip tern , a dynamic end to end trip planner. Tripomatic is one of the early startups in this space and does a great job of helping you plan.

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