Acton Biotech – Genetics Testing Made Easy

The Human Genome Project has started a new revolution enabling doctors to understand patient’s genes and customize treatment. The project was initiated to understand the genetic makeup of the human species and the project also has focused on several other nonhuman organisms (like E.coli etc).

Owing to the project findings, genetics testing has become a reality and companies have started offering easy ways to administer genetic tests that can show predisposition to a variety of illnesses, including breast cancer, disorders of hemostasis, cystic fibrosis, liver diseases and many others (more @wikipedia).Genetics Testing for Cancer

Acton Biotech is a Pune based startup that is changing the way cancer is treated. Acton’s Genetic tests helps in selecting the right drug and right dose for every patient so that there are maximum benefits and least side effects. The study of these genetic differences to predict drug response is called Pharmacogenomics or Personalizing Medicines.

The Pune based startup is running genetic tests that help doctors figure out patient’s genetic makeup and the interesting part is the pricing, i.e. the genetic tests costs only Rs. 5K – 25K depending on the complexity.

The startup is planning to expand to other cancer drugs and then move on to drugs used in other diseases like Asthma, Diabetes, TB, AIDS, Cardiovascular and CNS disorders.

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